Sunday, July 22, 2012


I have been thinking of my sweet little Kyden and wanted to post some fun pictures of him!  He is two.  He is so funny and a comedian.  He is always trying to make people smile and laugh.  He is also sensitive and super sweet to others.  Oh!  We love him sooo much!

Capri colored Kyden one day from the waist and up.  I had just told my Mom how good they were being! Ha!  He is so proud of his new look.  I love the mischievous look from this tattooed little man!

One night, Kyden put this "Clearance" sticker on himself.  He just looks so cute and tired, then add a "Clearance" sticker on top of this sweet lil' bundle and we've got ourselves one great bargain!!  Priceless!

Kyden loves Pooh Bear- better known around here as "P Boo." He takes him everywhere!  It's so fun to always see them together.   Best friends. 

I bought him this bubble lawn mower.  It quickly "cut" into first place for the favorite toy.  (Remember...P Boo is his best friend, not a toy, right?) 

Kyden will ride Tyson's "Rip Rider" any way that he can.  It has swivel wheels and is so much fun!  My husband says they should make them for grown ups.  Kyden can really get going on it!!

Kyden is sooo sweet.  On Mother's Day, the kids brought me breakfast in bed (Aww...) so we were sitting next to each other and he looked up at me and said with a pure little voice, "I love you Mommy."  My heart melted.  We love him "too much"  As he says!